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From November 19th to November 26th



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Students, with knowledge of English B2, enrolled during the course 2022/2023 throughout PhD, Master or last year of degree at UPV/EHU Araba Campus. If you are a student from Álava but you are studying in another UPV/EHU campus you can also participate.




All the travel, accommodation and meal expenses are non-cost for the participants.

Fecha límite de inscripción

Application must be submitted by 14th October 2022.


Fill this form and upload a recorded video (limited to 3 minutes) with your CV resume before 14th October 2022


We live in a highly interconnected and accelerated society. More than ever-experienced, even small events produce large, global and highly unpredictable consequences that are non-linearly amplified. Moreover, if these events develop exponentially as we are experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the many issues that this pandemic has exposed is that a linear way of thinking is no longer valid.

Our future as humankind requires replacing our traditional thinking archetypes and adopting non-linear and systemic approaches. Only in this way, we would be able to design scenarios for anticipating as much as possible the formidable challenges facing our Planet and us in the coming decades.

In this workshop we will take the first steps, so… be ready for embracing the seemingly impossible!


The objectives of this call are:

  • Establish synergies between the university community and the scientific community of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) located in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Promote training activities for students that provide the necessary tools for the generation of ideas and projects that cause a positive impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
  • Work on innovative ideas and projects that provide technological solutions to the challenges linked to the SDGs, trying to build future scenarios in which social aspects and technology are interconnected.



The program will be delivered to the selected students.

However, it should be noted that, among others, the following activities will be carried out:

  • The students’ teams will embark in a treasure hunting all over CERN.
  • Training in «Multiverse- thinking»
  • Visit to the CERN’s Antimatter Factory.

Students selection criteria:

  • Academic Transcript.
  • Studies: Art, Economics, Business, Humanities, Science, Engineering, Design or any other studies will be also considered.
  • Entrepreneurial attitude.
  • Communication skills.
  • Personal motivation and commitment.
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